Morning Crisis as a Single Parent

Well, this morning I certainly got tested on my single parenting balancing skills…

So we’re coming downstairs at 6:20am to begin our morning routine (Noah’s bus comes at 7:10a, need to leave the house by 7:04a, with packed lunches, fed children, and clothed children and me).  I check my work emails and notice OH HOLY SHITBALLS EVERYTHING IS DOWN!!!!

Okay, not EVERYTHING was down, but one of my main applications was having major issues, getting Service Desk calls.  So, I kicked into work mode, signed in remotely, started troubleshooting etc.

(Tick, tick)

I started figuring out the problem, started resolving things, kept telling Noah that no, we were not going to turn on the TV

(tick, tick)

Finishing up, asking one of the analysts (otherwise known as Bill, my brother…nice perk of my work situation, I tend to end up working most with my older brother) to test…

(Tick, tick…why is there this ticking sound)

It’s 6:50

10 mins to leave time

No one is fed.  Only one child is clothed.  There are no lunches packed.


I could’ve chosen this moment to melt down…to start flying all over the house in a dash to get everyone ready…But I was still finishing up my work responsibilities!  And also, that wouldn’t fix anything, there’s no way I can do all that in 10 minutes.

Breathe…Ok, we’re not doing the bus today.  We’re going to drive them both to school.  Kids, breakfast, now.  Kids, what you want for lunches, now.  Darcy, clothes, now.  Check, check, check, check…it’s 7:20 and we’re heading out the door (I did dress in that little time frame, don’t worry I didn’t go out the door in underwear or anything)

Oh…it’s 12 degress outside.  And the window is covered in frost.  Well, just awesome.

BUT, I got it done.  I fixed my work stuff, I got both kids to schools on time, and I made it into work MOSTLY on time.  The ironic thing is…this happened at times when Shannon was here.  No idea why this was any different, but it just felt like all hell was breaking loose in the house.  But, somehow, we all managed to roll with the craziness and get the job done.

Hamilton Force, ASSEMBLE!

Morning Crisis as a Single Parent

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